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Introducing Mark Brass C.Eng, MIET, B.Eng, Ph.D

Mark Brass

I am a Chartered Electrical and Electronics engineer working as a freelance consultant. I have a very broad experience across industry – micro electronics to power stations - and a broad experience of the different facets of business in these sectors from technology design, project management, contract management, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property licensing.


After 24 years experience in the semiconductor industry mostly with Arm Holdings I have a very detailed knowledge of how the industry and all its major players work together. This includes digital design, electronic design automation, manufacture, test, and OEM system design for end products. I have worked with companies throughout the industry and around the globe over the last two decades including living and working in San Jose, CA. I have a detailed understanding of the value chains, dependencies and primary players in this industry.


My initial technical education and early career was in Power Engineering and I have at different times worked on Electric vehicle traction systems, low carbon heating and chilling systems and power station control systems. I continue to keep up with the industry especially with regards to the carbon reduction imperatives of renewable energy, electric heating and cooling, and electric vehicles, including how they will change the design and control of our national Electricity Grids in the years ahead.


In my years as a freelance consultant I have been carrying out roles which involve advising and explaining these industries, how they operate, what are the real technology constraints and what might happen next and why. This has included projects to for example:

  • Estimate the cost constraints on multi core high performance server chips,
  • Determine what technologies could reduce hospital CO2 emission for heating and cooling by at least 80%,
  • Economics of IOT data collection and device control from the cloud,
  • Co-ordinated fleet management of multiple small battery storage systems, and
  • Explore what business models may be successful in the future of graphics computing for mobile and PC.


Further details about my career can be found on LinkedIn, you can also contact me there or use our contact form.

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